The following are examples of .Net coding (currently using VB in Visual Studio 2010 with .Net Framework 2, 3.5, and 4.0). I've placed this here both for others to review and also for me to have a central place I can store my coding examples. Remember, your memory is the second thing to go. Most of these examples were developed by me over time with some help from other peoples examples. I do not claim to have authored every line of code. When available or possible, I have tried to give credit to the original author. Also, use these examples at your own risk. I do not claim the accuracy of these examples. All I know is that they help me from time to time in my development.

  • CellFormat - This VB Function, extracts and formats an Excel Worksheet Cell (source)
  • GetSchema - This VB Subroutine, gets Schema information (Column Name, Type, Size) from an Access DB Table. (source)
  • SchemaInfo - This VB demo program will list all the Table and Column definitions in an Access (.mdb) Database file. (Source) (Project)
  • myRegistry.vb - This VB class is used to process all Registry Key access (GetValue, SetValue). (Source)
  • PrintHelper.vb - This VB class is used to Print text (source)
  • PrintHelperPages.vb - This VB class is used to Print Multi Page Reports (source) (Project)