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NewPrinting in a .Net (or any VB) program has always been a challenge. I developed the following VB.Net Class (with guidance from others) using Visual Studio 2010 to help simplify the printing process. This VB.Net Class PrintHelperPages was developed to handle multi-page printed reports.

NewA new version of WZCat is being developed. During the development process, an "As-Is" test version is being provided for feed-back. WZCat is a utility program to locate and search Windows Zip Files. Have you ever forgotten where that file is you zipped and put away for safe keeping? This utility allows you to search the zip files on your computer.

NewA Windows Application, SQLdbCopy, to copy data from SQL Server Databases to external files, including an Access Database or delimited or fixed length text "Flat Files".

Under Construction
We are developing a Job Ticket (Project) and Help Desk System at: www.JobTkt.com
We are developing an Expense Reporting system at: www.XPNS.net

Treeless Software attempts to write the best possible Shareware utilities and applications available for Windows (XP, Vista, and 7) systems.

Hi folks. Sorry for the lack of updates of our software products, but I have retired and don't plan on any future updates.