A new version for 32 and 64 bit Windows is being developed. Please check back here for updates and release dates.

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Typical WDLLFnd Version 2 Windows Appearance

Windows 3.x WDLLFnd DLL find and Report locates common routines (DLL) used by Windows programs. WDLLFnd will find 16 and 32 bit executable programs on your computer, display which DLL's a program uses, which programs use a DLL, DLL usage trees and executable resource information. Exceptions found during search such as duplicate programs, DLL found but not referenced, DLL referenced but not found are reported.

WDLLFnd searches your disk drives and locates Windows executable programs (EXE's) and common routines (DLL's, DRV's, and VBX's). These common routines were designed so that only one copy is needed in your computers memory, but more than one program can access the routine at the same time. This not only saves on memory (if five programs need a routine, such as your screen driver, that routine is loaded into memory only once not five times), and also if a DLL is modified you only need to reload the new DLL not every program that uses it.

Even though this program is still a 16 bit program, it is 32 bit aware. Which means that it will operate properly under Win95/98/NT but has a limitation of not being able to properly extract the long filenames. It will still see and report the filename in the 8.3 format of Win311.

WDLLFnd was not originally designed or written to be a Windows UnInstaller. Its' intended purpose was to locate and report potential problems or exceptions that usually exist within most users Windows systems. WDLLFnd was also not intended to be used only by highly technical Windows users, but unfortunately the use and understanding of how Windows works can be confusing at times even to those who think they know what is going on. With the ever increasing number of Shareware or Freeware programs that users load onto their disk systems to evaluate and later delete (because the program was not needed), there seemed to us at Treeless Software and Design a need for a program that would help locate program stragglers and duplications. These stragglers and duplications occur because most programs come with their own copy of common routines (DLL's) that are needed by that program. Sometimes these programs put the DLL's in their own file directory, sometimes in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, and sometimes in very obscure places.

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