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Typical WXPNS Windows Appearance

WXPNS was written to automate the entry, printing and historical reporting of business travel expenses required by most companies. Its' purpose is to keep track of all expenses incurred by you while you were away on a business trip. Expenses are broken down into ten categories ranging from lodging, transportation, entertainment and meals just to name a few. All categories can be changed to suit your individual or employers needs. Sub-Categories may also be created within a Category to retain information on repetitive expenses such as Mileage, Tolls or Postage. Expenses can also be tracked by Vendor (who you paid) and Charge-To (how you paid).

Depending on the needs, each individual item can retain itemized details such as Name of Persons Entertained, Time and Place, Nature or Purpose of Item, Percent Allocated to Business, and whether the expense is reimbursable or not. An example of a non-reimbursable expense is an airplane ticket purchased by your employer but used by you on the business trip. You did not pay for the ticket so you should not be reimbursed for its' cost, but your employer still wants the ticket itemized on your expenses for accurate record keeping and budgeting.

WXPNS Windows 3.x program is the Windows version of our DOS XPNS program. Shareware ($35.00) by Treeless Software and Design. If postage ($3.50 for North American addresses, $7.00 all other locations) is included with the registration, the most current version of WXPNS and a DOS to Windows conversion program will be sent to you. If you are a registered DOS XPNS user and wish to upgrade to the Windows WXPNS program, the upgrade registration price is $15.00.

Download Shareware Program

icowxpns.gif (963 bytes) WXPNS Version 1.01.09 Download (496k)
icowxpns.gif (963 bytes) DOS XPNS Version 2.40 Download (163k)
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Description SKU # Price US$
WXPNS Version 1 Registration Fee wxpns $35.00
DOS XPNS to WXPNS Upgrade Registration Fee xpns-w $15.00
DOS XPNS Version 2.40 Registration Fee xpns $20.00
North American Shipping and Handling shipNA $3.50
International Shipping and Handling shipINT $7.00