NewA new version of WZCat compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 is being developed. Alpha Version 2 is available "As-Is" while we are working on it. This version requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 to be installed on your computer. Any comments are appreciated. The current available commands will change over time.

WZCat is a utility program to locate and search Windows Zip Files. Have you ever forgotten where that file is you zipped and put away for safe keeping? This utility allows you to search the zip files on your computer.

    Current Version.
  • 2.0_0.9.3 (12/02/2011)
    • Final Usage Date set to 06/30/2012.
    • Minor Code Reorganizations.
    • Added: Registration Capabilities.
    Old Versions:
  • 2.0_0.9.2 (07/08/2011)
    • Final Usage Date set to 12/31/2011.
    • I know, I'll start working on it again soon. I promise.
  • 2.0_0.9.1 (02/09/2011)
    • .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 now required.
    • New "Check for Updates" Command on Help Menu
  • 2.0_0.9.0 (11/15/2010)
    • Addition: Zip File Content Tab is Enhanced.
    • Fixes: Many minor corrections and enhancements.
    • Fixes: Extracted Date/Time Routine rewritten. There are numerous variations that can be used here. Daylight Savings Time (Winter/Summer time) will give different times (usually off by 1 hour). I am reporting the time of the Zipped Files in the Zip File without any time zone or other conversions. Even Microsoft® and WinZip® report different times.
    • Final Usage Date set to 06/30/2011.
  • 2.0_0.8.0 (11/08/2010)
    • Fixes: Sorted Column graphics for Lists did not clear on Vista/Windows 7
  • 2.0_0.7.0 (11/05/2010)
    • Extended Usage Date to 12/31/2011
  • 2.0_0.6.0 (02/22/2010)
    • Extended Usage Date to 6/30/2010
  • 2.0_0.5.0 (10/29/2009)
    • Printing of TreeView Information now working correctly.
    • Repositioned the Cancel Button to MainForm.
    • Next on the To-Do list: More Printing abilities, Help files.
  • 2.0_0.4.0 (8/12/2009)
    • New Search Tab Available. Search Zipped Files by filename or Date-Last-Modified date range. Filename search can use wildcards, such as "*.txt".
    • Evaluation ending date, now that we are starting to get a program with some real abilities.
    • Next on the To-Do list: Printing abilities, Help files.
    • Available to use until 12/31/2009
    • Reverted to .Net Framework 2.0 because more people have it then 3.5 and because 3.5 features were not needed.
  • 2.0_0.3.0 (5/8/2009)
    • Available Menu commands;
      • File | New (Ctrl-N) - Select Starting Folder to Scan, and Perform New Scan
      • File | Open (Ctrl-O) - Open Previous Scan
      • File | Save (Ctrl-S) - Save Current Scan Information
      • Tools | Options - Modify Program Options
    • History for Last Files Opened/Saved
    • History for Last Searches
  • 2.0_0.2.0 (4/28/2009)
    • New area at bottom shows Zipped File Detail.
    • Right-Clicking on a Zipped File item shows popup menu to open folder or open with WinZip.
    • Duplicate Zipped Filenames are highlighted on the Zipped File Tree Tab.
  • 2.0_0.1.0 (4/22/2009)
    • File | New (Ctrl-N) - Scan "My Documents"
    • File | Open (Ctrl-O) - Select Starting Folder to Scan
    • File | Save (Ctrl-S) - Save Current Scan Information
    • File | Print (Ctrl-P) - Open Previous Scan

[Product Image] 
Typical WZCat Windows Appearance.

WZCat Windows 3.x program was written because I was having trouble keeping track of over 300+ ZIP files and over 2500+ compressed elements contained in those ZIP files. Because I had these files spread over several disk drives and dozens of directories, I would forget that I already had a file or element and would reload it from a BBS, and thus would have a duplicate copy of that file. Using WZCat, you can locate all ZIP files on one or all disk drives or a specific directory, see what elements are in those ZIP files, and even locate duplicate element names. Once you identify these duplicate elements, you can delete the ZIP file or files that hold them.

Requires VBRUN300.DLL.


Download shareware Program

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  Microsoft VBRUN300.DLL Runtime libraries
wzico2.gif (904 bytes) WinZip the Archive Utility for Windows


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